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Data Erasure Solutions for MacBooks, Laptops, Desktops, Servers, and Loose Drives

Data Erasure Made Simple

USB Erase


Perform on-site erasure directly from a USB drive. No HASP keys or dongles!


Create as many USB drives as you need to meet your operational and efficiency requirements.


Optimal for on-site erasure projects and ideal for erasing laptops, Macs, desktops, and servers.

desktop computer, laptop computer and usb drive all with Ziperase logo on their screens
graphic of a server connected to a computer network

Command Center


Erase over 500+ computers with one host. Command Center erases desktops, laptops, servers, and enterprise storage with PXE boot for fast and easy network extension and addition of client computers.


One easy-to-install download with full Linux-based operating system and data erasure software deployed and activated on your hardware.


Add extra customizable fields to sync with your existing ERP and data collection systems.

Device Link


Automates data deletion and refurbishment of Macs and Chromebooks.


Exclusive patented technology* means no training, skills, or experience needed to erase and configure to industry standards.


Hardware testing supports R2v3 compliance and industry standard NIST SP 800-88 R1 Guidelines for Media Sanitization.

Macbook and Chromebook with Device Links connected.

Array Erase


Erase any direct attached storage, even Storage Area Network (SAN) cabinets.


No HASP or hardware dongles required to license. Delivered with full Linux-based desktop operating system and is easily licensed with software keys.


On-site solution that collects customized data to integrate seamlessly with your ERP.

Flexible Erasure Solutions for Your Business

ITADS & Refurbishers

For reverse logistics, recyclers, and take-back companies that process thousands of assets daily, Ziperase is focused on automation, minimal operator interaction, and error-proof workflows to improve operational efficiency.

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Data Centers

Security and speed are critical requirements for data center managers. Ziperase solutions quickly and simultaneously process hundreds of drives, including storage arrays and servers in modern data centers. Ziperase can be installed on your hardware for direct connection to storage arrays, erasure appliances, or boot servers.

Small to Medium Businesses

Most small to medium businesses have ongoing but lower volume data erasure needs. Whether you are a small retail business or manage IT for a medium-sized company, our solutions are easy to deploy, work with any device, and require no upfront or hidden costs.

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Large Companies

Corporate compliance, adherence to pre-existing process flows, and asset tracking are essential features when managing data erasure across multiple regions and facilities. Our REST API facilitates seamless integration with your corporate infrastructure to manage, automate, monitor, and record asset erasure and disposal.

Our Customers

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Certified and Secure

Ziperase is proudly certified by ADISA and has achieved ADISA Product Assurance certification that ensures compliance with NIST 800-88r1 and IEEE 2883-2022 standards. Supports compliance with data privacy regulations like the Data Protection Act, HIPAA, GDPR, and more. Data Erasure methods meet or exceed NIST SP 800-88 R1 and IEEE 2883-2022 guidelines.

Ziperase’s data erasure is NIST-compliant and meets or exceeds NIST SP 800-88 R1 – Guidelines for Media Sanitization.