Command Center

Erase Large Volumes of Laptops, Desktops, and Servers

Illustration of local area network with Ziperase Command Center and ADISA Product Assurance and NIST logos.

How It Works

Ziperase Command Center is installed on a server, either centrally within an organization, or for a specific workbench. This server acts as a boot server, a report collation server, a licensing server, and allows you to control erasure clients remotely.

      1. Command Center erases desktops, laptops, and servers over a local area network (LAN).
      2. Target devices and the host server running Command Center are all set up in a LAN.
      3. PXE boot target devices to see them displayed on the software host and
        erase them simultaneously with a click of a button. This erasure can be initiated from either the client or the host.
      4. The setup can be run without a monitor, keyboard, or mouse at the client end.
      5. Command Center can also be used to erase small servers that contain
        multiple internal drives.

Set up your own custom fields to input information unique to your process. Create a field to enter a job order, customer number, or even specify the cosmetic grade for individual assets. Ziperase allows you to create as many extra fields as you need to capture all the information necessary to fit your process. All Ziperase products can consolidate reports onto a Command Center through a network connection.