About Ziperase

At Ziperase we understand that secure data erasure is a vital part of the success of your business. Regardless of your industry, the size of your company, or whether you are working locally or remotely, our team is focused on providing the best solutions tailored to your needs.

Ziperase was formed to create a modern software platform with a forward-thinking support strategy focused on meeting customers’ needs. We offer easy-to-install-and-operate electronic data erasure software solutions and tools for PCs, laptops, servers, individual hard drives, MacBooks, and gaming consoles.

Ziperase is a proud member of the E-Reuse Network (ERN), a collaboration forum dedicated to promoting reuse and recycling of electronic equipment. The ERN also works to connect electronics recyclers, PC Refurbishers, and ITADs with trusted vendors that supply the tools and services needed to run their businesses.

Our software is certified to securely erase data by ADISA, an evidence-based certification body and independent forensic laboratory that provides data sanitization product validation services. Some of our partners include OEMs, data centers, public/private sector, healthcare, and IT recycling and asset disposal sectors.