Q: What is Data Erasure?

A: Ziperase’s permanent data erasure process overwrites data with a series of 0s and 1s to make it unreadable and irretrievable, even by forensic methods. Overwriting processes vary in terms of the number of passes and erasure patterns used based on different storage media devices. This method ensures total secure erasure without destroying the device or drive so it can be sold, reused, or recycled safely, extending the asset lifecycle and reducing costs.

Q: Why can’t I just delete my files and format my drive?

A: Formatting devices and deleting files leaves sensitive data vulnerable to DIY software and forensic methods of data recovery. The legal and financial risks of data leakage are serious for any business, as well as causing irreparable harm to brand image. Ziperase software ensures complete erasure while keeping you compliant with data privacy guidelines.

Q: Is Ziperase software certified?

A: Yes. Ziperase is ADISA certified. ADISA is an evidence-based certification body and independent forensic laboratory that provides data sanitization product validation services.

Q: Does Ziperase provide a report or certificate once it finishes erasing a drive?
A: Yes. Each verified erasure provides a digitally signed, tamper-proof data erasure certificate. PDF and CSV documents with detailed system information are generated and these can be customized to your needs for convenient consolidation of reports. See an example certificate here.
Q: Does Ziperase process MacBooks?

A: Yes. Device Link erases MacBook, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Studio, and even game consoles like the Xbox.

Q: Does Ziperase provide on-site data destruction solutions?

A: Yes. All Ziperase products can be downloaded and taken on site and do not require an internet connection to process the erasure. USB Erase is a self-contained erasure solution that only requires a USB for full erasure and reporting, no internet connection required.

Q: Does Ziperase licensing use HASP keys or hardware dongles?

A: No. Ziperase solutions don’t require any hardware keys or dongles to license the software. Ziperase uses software codes/keys to add licenses to software.

Q: Will Ziperase software work if I don’t have an internet connection?

A: Yes. Ziperase offers turnkey solutions that have everything packaged into one simple solution: software, licensing, configuration, and reporting. USB Erase requires nothing more than a USB to simultaneously erase multiple devices.

Q: How much does Ziperase cost?
A: Ziperase is priced based on usage. There is a small cost per device or hard drive erased. The higher volume of usage for a customer, the lower cost per device. Get a quote and free demo for a secure erasure solution that will save you time and money.
Q: Does Ziperase erase mobile phones or tablets?

A: No. Ziperase works on Intel-based PCs and servers, MacBook, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Studio, loose drives, and game consoles like the Xbox.

Q: Can I get a free trial?
A: Yes. Fill in this form for a demo and free trial of the Ziperase product you need.
Q: What erasure methods does Ziperase use?

A: Ziperase uses these multiple pass erasure patterns to ensure forensically secure erasure:

  • CESG CPA 3-pass
  • GOST-R-50739-95 1-pass
  • GOST-R-50739-95 2-pass
  • Gutmann Method 35- pass
  • Standard Overwrite 1-pass
  • NAVSO P-5239-26 MFM 3-pass
  • NAVSO P-5239-26 RLL 3- pass
  • NIST 800-88-r1 Purge
  • NIST 800-88-r1 Purge or Clear
  • DoD 5520.22-M (E) 3- pass
  • DoD 5520.22-M (ECE) 7- pass
  • CESG CPA 3-pass
  • HMG IAS 5 Lower 1-pass
  • HMG IAS 5 Lower 3-pass (new manual)
  • US Army AR-380-19 3- pass
  • VSITR 7-pass
Q: What information appears on an erasure certificate by Ziperase?
A: Each verified erasure provides a tamper-proof data erasure certificate showing:

  • Document ID
  • System Hardware
  • Storage Device
  • Erasure Results
  • S.M.A.R.T parameters
  • Customisable information to suit your auditing and information collection processes

See an example certificate here.

Q: What is a S.M.A.R.T test on a hard drive?

A: Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T) is a monitoring system that reports on various attributes of the state of a given drive. It anticipates impending hardware failures, making it easy to detect faulty hard drives early on in the erasure or refurbishment process.

Q: Can I customize the information on the erasure report/certificate?
A: Yes, reporting is totally customizable to suit your existing processes and extra fields are easily added to collect extra information. From batch names to sorting drives based on power-on hours, Ziperase software does what you need. See an example certificate here.
Q: In what file formats are reports available?

A: Erasure reports can easily be saved in PDF, CSV and JSON formats.

Q: Who does Ziperase work with?

A: Ziperase provides onsite data destruction solutions for ITADs, OEMs, data centers, SMEs, the healthcare sector, enterprise IT asset managers, and IT recycling and asset disposal vendors.

Q: Does Ziperase erase SSD drives?

A: Yes. Ziperase software erases all types of SSDs completely and securely using multiple pass erasure patterns and supporting NIST Purge 800-88.

Q: Does Ziperase erase hybrid drives?

A: Yes. Ziperase erases all available storage areas of hybrid hard drive storage devices.

Q: Is it possible to erase SATA drives in caddies with interposers / adapters?

A: Yes. Ziperase erases all detected hard drive storage devices. As long as connection is good and the host computer can see and detect the hard drive, then the Ziperase solution can erase.

Q: Can I customize the ISO for pre-configuring my preferred settings?

A: Yes. Command Center supports customizing the ISO and pre-configuring all major settings to automate your wiping process.

Q: Do your licenses expire?

A: No, licenses themselves do not expire.  However, your customer account may be inactive if there is no use after one year. Contact sales@ziperase.com to reactivate your account.

Q: Does Ziperase erase hidden areas of drives (HPAs and DCOs)?

A: Yes, Ziperase erases HPA, DCO, and remapped sectors of hard drives.

Q: Who owns Ziperase?

A: Ziperase is privately owned by data erasure experts who wanted to create a modern software platform with a forward-thinking support strategy focused on meeting customers’ needs. The owners are active managers in the company.

Q: Where is Ziperase based?

A: Ziperase is headquartered in Austin, Texas with additional engineering in the United Kingdom.