Simplified Data Sanitization for SMEs

With over two decades of expertise, Ziperase delivers forensically secure data erasure solutions tailored for small to medium enterprises. Our tools are designed for high efficiency and cost-effectiveness, offering straightforward usability, exceptional throughput, and extensive automation. Adhering to stringent environmental and data regulations, we ensure SMEs achieve successful value recovery with complete transparency in fee structures, making data security accessible and reliable for businesses of all sizes.

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Cost-Effective Data Erasure Solutions

Ziperase is committed to providing SMEs with affordable data security solutions. Our self-contained tools eliminate additional setup costs, offering budget-friendly options for companies with lower volume needs. With dedicated onboarding and support, SMEs can achieve compliance and secure data erasure without incurring unnecessary expenses or hidden fees, ensuring a cost-effective approach to data security.

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Enhanced Onsite Data Security

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Our onsite data erasure solutions prioritize the physical security of your data and devices. The USB Erase tool provides a portable, compact solution for secure, onsite data deletion, requiring just a USB stick for erasure, licensing, and reporting. This approach minimizes the risk of data loss or theft, offering SMEs a reliable and efficient method for securing data onsite, with real-time license acquisition for onsite technicians.

Comprehensive Device Management and Compliance

For SMEs seeking to optimize device management, Ziperase’s Device Link provides a comprehensive solution for erasing and refurbishing MacBooks, Chromebooks, and more. Meeting R2v3 standards, it ensures reliable device performance and security, streamlining the data erasure process for SMEs. Our solutions also support stringent compliance with data privacy regulations, providing digitally signed, tamper-proof certificates for each erasure and ensuring all user data is securely erased to industry standards like NIST SP 800-88 R1.

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Flexible Erasure Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Device Link

Fully Automate Your Refurbishment Process for MacBooks, Chromebooks, and More

Array Erase

Erase Large Volumes of Individual Drives and SAN Cabinets

USB Erase

Flexible, Portable, Powerful Solution for Individual  Desktops and Laptops

Command Center

Erase Large Volumes of  Laptops, Desktops, and Servers