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Empowering large corporations with efficient, secure data erasure to meet evolving compliance and ESG standards.

With over 20 years of expertise, Ziperase offers premier data sanitization tailored for enterprises. Our efficient solutions ensure secure data deletion and compliance, generating tamper-proof certificates and detailed reports. Designed for ease and effectiveness, our software support stringent environmental and data standards, facilitating transparent value recovery for our clients.

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Secure Data Erasure for Large Companies

Ziperase’s state-of-the-art software delivers secure data deletion, essential for maintaining corporate data privacy and compliance. We ensure that each erasure process is accompanied by a tamper-proof certificate and a detailed report, reflecting our commitment to operational excellence and accountability. Designed for high-volume, high-efficiency operations, our solutions streamline the data erasure process, aligning with stringent environmental and data protection regulations, and support your enterprise in transparent and effective value recovery strategies.

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Sustainable Hardware Lifecycle Management

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In line with the principles of the circular economy, Ziperase champions sustainable practices in corporate IT asset management by ensuring that devices are ready for reuse, repurposing, or recycling without any risk of sensitive or personal data breaches. Our robust hardware testing protocols incorporate advanced data sanitization techniques that ensure the complete destruction of all data prior to a device being reassigned to a new employee or entering the recycling process. This approach supports environmental sustainability by prolonging device lifecycles and upholds the highest standards of data security, ensuring that corporate reputation and individual privacy are rigorously protected in every transition.

Compliance and Certification

Compliance and certification challenges faced by large corporations in today’s data-driven world make the importance of process control and traceability when managing IT assets crucial. Each successful data deletion is validated with a digitally signed, tamper-proof certificate. This commitment to compliance helps enterprises maintain robust data protection and manage audit trails effectively. Ziperase is certified by ADISA and supports compliance with data privacy regulations such as the Data Protection Act, HIPAA, R2v3, or GDPR. All user data is securely erased to industry standard,  including NIST SP 800-88 R1
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Seamless Integration and Comprehensive Reporting

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At Ziperase, we understand the importance of streamlined operations in large corporate settings. Our solutions are designed for effortless integration into your IT asset management systems, enhancing the transparency and efficiency of your data erasure processes. The centralization of reporting and the ability to customize data collection fields are key features that cater to the dynamic needs of large enterprises, ensuring a smooth operational flow and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Flexible Erasure Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Device Link

Fully Automate Your Refurbishment Process for MacBooks, Chromebooks, and More

Array Erase

Erase Large Volumes of Individual Drives and SAN Cabinets

USB Erase

Flexible, Portable, Powerful Solution for Individual  Desktops and Laptops

Command Center

Erase Large Volumes of  Laptops, Desktops, and Servers