Array Erase

Erase Large Volumes of Individual Drives

Storage area network cabinet with ADISA Product Assurance and NIST logos.

How It Works

Array Erase takes control and performs secure data erasure, captures system information, installs the operating system, and collates a full report with erasure certificate.

      1. Download and install Array software on an Intel compatible computer or server host. All software, including Linux-based operating system, is contained in one install file.
      2. Add erasure licenses using software keys – no HASP or hardware dongles required.
      3. Connect hard drives, hard drive storage bays, or any direct attached storage to Array host computer.
      4. Select drives and select the erasure method, then hit “Start”.
      5. Array Erase supports hot-swapping of individual drives to promote maximum throughput in a production environment.

Array Erase is ideal for ITADs, data centers, and companies processing large numbers of loose drives. An all-in-one tool, Array Erase has everything packaged into one simple solution: software, licensing, configuration, tamper-proof reporting, and certification.