ADISA Product Assurance

Ziperase has achieved ADISA Product Claims Test certification for both Solid State and Magnetic Media.

The Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) launched its Product Assurance service in 2020 to provide a higher level of accreditation to the international data security community. ADISA Product Claims Test assesses the capabilities and development of software overwriting products.

Ziperase was submitted to the ADISA Research Centre under test reference ADPC0099. The product withstood rigorous forensic testing on samples of magnetic and solid-state drives. During the laboratory tests, forensic methods were applied to the test media to attempt to recover data with no success.

Ziperase was forensically verified by leading experts in the United Kingdom to assure the product sanitized all data from hard drives, including HDD and SSD, as designed.

As part of our commitment to continuously improve our data security software, Ziperase will frequently seek out third-party accreditation.

Image Processing Patents

Ziperase’s patented technology represents a significant leap in the domain of automated system interactions and configurations.

This process employs advanced image recognition to read user interface cues on a device. It then uses USB emulation to simulate mouse and keyboard actions, facilitating quick and precise automated decisions. This could be particularly transformative for fields that require exact system setups, such as IT, healthcare, aerospace, and the military.

This patented technology is a cornerstone feature in Ziperase’s commercial product, Device Link. Device Link specializes in automating the complete data deletion and refurbishment process for MacBooks, Chromebooks, and other electronic devices. It requires no specialized training, and its process is designed to comply with NIST SP 800-88 R1 industry standards for secure and efficient device refurbishment.

For end-users, the technology not only offers the advantage of secure erasure and refurbishment, it also provides efficient and reliable system management which results in cost savings and faster operations—hallmarks of Ziperase’s commitment to excellence.

Patent US 11,711,567 B2
Patent US2023/0028513