Plug & Erase

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Plug & Erase is a flexible, portable, powerful solution that offers an easy and reliable way for companies to manage their data erasure needs. Simply install Plug & Erase onto any USB drive and get to work cleaning those drives. It’s as easy as that with no other requirements.

Everything you need is conveniently packaged into one simple solution: software, licensing, configuration, and reporting. Create as many USB drives as you need to meet your operational and efficiency requirements.

Ziperase Command Center is our intuitive and user-friendly web console and database included at no extra cost. Here you can upload all your reports for easy filtering, review, and storage.

A Flexible, Portable Solution Packed with Features

Reduce Risk, Minimize Errors, and Maximize Efficiency

Plug & Erase is ideal for companies with ongoing but less predictable data erasure needs. With Plug & Erase, you can perform on-site erasure directly from a USB drive, making it an efficient option for those wanting to bypass network and other hardware infrastructure. Key features include:

Turnkey Solution

Ziperase software, licenses, configuration, and reporting are on the USB drive. Everything you need in one convenient package.

Enhanced Reporting

Digitally signed and tamper proof reporting, fully compatible with Command Center management console for convenient upload, filter, and consolidation of reports.

Complete Portability & Interoperability

Optimal for on-site erasure projects and ideal for erasing laptops, Macs, desktops, and servers.

Simultaneous Processing

Remove the USB drive immediately after starting erasure and use as many as you need for simultaneous processing.

Customizable Workflows

Designed to reduce errors while adapting to regional and customer specific requirements.

Performance Optimization

Automatic RAID dismantling functionality speeds up processing time.

Manage Ongoing, Lower-Volume Data Erasure Needs with Confidence

Plug & Erase is an ideal solution for:


Organizations concerned with, or in compliance with, data privacy regulations such as HIPAA or GDPR.


Clients who typically perform fewer than 100 erasures per month.


On-site erasure services who cannot set up an erasure infrastructure.


Companies or IT departments who recycle, repurpose, or return leased computers, servers, or hard drives.

Get a Cost-Efficient Solution Without Sacrificing Quality

With Plug & Erase, companies can:


Avoid costly infrastructure requirements while enjoying a flexible, portable solution.


Increase productivity, processing times, and operational efficiency.


Deploy remotely to support multiple locations or for off-premise projects.


Save money through a convenient, self-contained solution with no hidden costs or setup fees.


Manage organization and customer privacy compliance in a cost-effective way.


Minimize operator errors with easy-to-manage configurations.


Get up and running quickly with our intuitive user interface and simple processes that even novice users can quickly master.


Ensure compliance and security through quality certified software.

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