USB Erase

Flexible, Portable, Powerful

desktop computer, laptop computer and usb drive all with Ziperase logo on their screens

How It Works

USB Erase is ideal for companies with smaller erasure quantities or off-premises locations.

      1. Plug USB Erase into desktop, laptop, server, or MacBook and let it do the work.
      2. USB Erase takes control and performs secure cryptographic erasure, captures system information, installs the operating system, and collates a full report with erasure certificate.
      3. Licenses are drawn from the USB drive and erasure reports saved back to the same drive.
      4. As soon as the erasure process begins, unplug the USB and use it on the next device to process multiple devices at the same time.
      5. Create as many USB drives as you need to meet your operational and efficiency requirements.

USB Erase performs on-site erasure and boots directly from a USB drive, making it the best solution for those wanting to bypass network and other hardware infrastructure.