ITAD Services

Secure data disposal solutions designed to empower IT Asset Disposal professionals for success and compliance.

With over 20 years of expertise, Ziperase specializes in data sanitization for ITAD professionals. Our software ensures secure data erasure, generating tamper-proof certificates and comprehensive reports. Designed for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, Ziperase data erasure solutions offer easy-to-use tools with high throughput and automation. We prioritize strict environmental and data regulations to support clients in value recovery with transparent fee structures.

A pile of computers and other electronic devices ready for recycling.

Hard Drive and Hardware Testing

Man testing laptop hardware and looking at a computer screen.

Ziperase uses Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T) parameters to predict hard drive failure, eliminating poor quality products from the start. Ziperase software allows sorting of drives based on power-on hours, number of power cycles, reallocated sectors and more. Our patented technology allows R2v3-compliant hardware testing of keyboard, touchpad, pointing device, screen, camera, audio input, audio output, wireless network, wired network, bluetooth, USB, ports, and battery discharge.

Compliance and Certification

Compliance and certification is a top priority for busy ITADs and Ziperase understands the importance of process control and traceability when managing large volumes of assets. Our solutions help you create detailed, accurate audit trails and remain compliant with regulations. A digitally signed, tamper-proof data erasure certificate is generated for each successful erasure. Ziperase is certified by ADISA and supports compliance with data privacy regulations such as the Data Protection Act, HIPAA, R2v3, GDPR, and more. All user data is securely erased to industry standard, including NIST SP 800-88 R1.

ITAD Data Erasure Technician using a tablet with cyber security icons on it.

Add Extra Customizable Fields

A screenshot of a section of the Ziperase configuration screen.

Customizable fields integrate seamlessly with your current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and data collection systems. This advanced capability facilitates automated process flows, streamlining operations and minimizing manual intervention. Reducing the need for operator choices and inputs cuts down human error, enhancing processing speed and efficiency. Centralize all reporting to a single, convenient location. Tailor erasure, sorting, and grading conditions to suit specific automated testing requirements at various stages—before, during, and after the erasure process.

Flexible Erasure Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Device Link

Fully Automate Your Refurbishment Process for MacBooks, Chromebooks, and More

Array Erase

Erase Large Volumes of Individual Drives and SAN Cabinets

USB Erase

Flexible, Portable, Powerful Solution for Individual  Desktops and Laptops

Command Center

Erase Large Volumes of  Laptops, Desktops, and Servers