Enterprise Erase

Enterprise Level Management with Complete Visibility & Control for High Throughput Erasure

Enterprise Erase clients enjoy seamless data management from an easy-to-use, flexible console that enables simultaneous, large volume erasure and remote control from the convenience of our Command Center management console. With Enterprise Erase, computers, servers, and disk drives can be wiped clean with minimal operator interaction. It is ideal for organizations managing large volumes of devices across an enterprise with multiple locations and facilities.

A Feature-Rich, Customizable Solution Designed to Maximize Efficiency and Reduce Errors

Enterprise Erase is ideal for companies with ongoing large-volume data erasure and archival needs. It offers the flexibility to manage and control data erasure in real time across a factory or an enterprise via our easy-to-use Command Center management console. Packed with tools to enhance customization, maximize efficiency, and reduce errors, Enterprise Erase has the following primary features:

Turnkey Solution

A single solution without costly third-party software or server requirements.

Enhanced Reporting

Digitally signed and tamper proof reports, customizable to meet unique operational requirements.

Flexible Deployment

Over the network or directly on dedicated erasure hardware.

Robust Monitoring

Convenient monitoring and control from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

API Integration

Integrate seamlessly with third-party software with our REST API.

Performance Optimization

Automatic RAID dismantling functionality optimizes performance.

Customizable Workflows

Designed to reduce errors while retaining flexibility to meet ever changing requirements.

Manage Large Volume Data Erasure with Confidence Across Your Organization

Enterprise Erase is an ideal solution for companies that:


Are concerned with, or in compliance with, data privacy regulations such as HIPAA or GDPR.


Perform ongoing, large volumes of erasures such as ITADs.


Require ERP or inventory management system integration.


Erase large storage arrays with 50 to 250 disk drives.


Have facilities across multiple locations.


Serve a variety of customers with varying needs and processing requirements.

Save Time Without Sacrificing Quality or Security with Our Ridiculously Easy, Yet Seriously Powerful Solution

Ziperase’s Enterprise Erase solution helps companies:


Increase productivity and operational efficiency with API integrations, ease of use, and simple deployment.


Easily incorporate custom configurations, tailored to your unique requirements, without added costs, manpower, or time.


Enjoy custom reporting and archived data.


Increase visibility into operations with remote monitoring and control from anywhere via a web interface.


Get up and running quickly with our intuitive user interface and streamlined processes that even novice users can quickly master.


Ensure compliance and security through a quality, certified software suite.


Quickly achieve issue resolution through convenient, remote technical support tools.

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