ITADs – IT Asset Disposal

With over 20 years in the data sanitization industry, Ziperase understands the erasure needs of our Data Center customers

Secure data sanitization is vital to the success of our ITAD customers. Violations of data security and privacy laws, leaked data, and security breaches have serious consequences resulting in fines or legal action that could damage the reputation of their business.

Ziperase supports compliance with certified solutions, generating a tamper-proof certificate and comprehensive report for each erasure. Ziperase software solutions are designed to save our ITAD customers time and money with efficient, economical tools that are easy to use, have good throughput, and offer automation benefits. Ziperase maintains compliance with environmental and data regulations, ensuring transparency in value recovery and fees.

The following time-consuming, labor-intensive methods used by some are costly, bad for the environment, and ultimately unreliable:

Shredding will destroy the data and the disk physically, making it unrepairable and of no further value to the ITAD vendor.

Degaussing will destroy the magnetic field of the disk but renders it useless. Solid State Drives (SSDs) cannot be degaussed as they don’t have magnetic platters.

Reformatting or deleting doesn’t erase the data, it only removes your ability to access it. The data is completely recoverable and not at all secure.

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Flexible Erasure Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Device Link

Fully Automate Your Refurbishment Process for MacBooks, Chromebooks, and More

Array Erase

Erase Large Volumes of Individual Drives and SAN Cabinets

USB Erase

Flexible, Portable, Powerful Solution for Individual  Desktops and Laptops

Command Center

Erase Large Volumes of  Laptops, Desktops, and Servers