New Patent from Ziperase Pioneers the Future of Automated Systems

AUSTIN, TEXAS, July 25, 2023 – Ziperase is proud to announce it has recently been awarded patent US 11,711,567 B2. This groundbreaking development marks a significant advance in automated system interactions and configurations, setting the stage for increased efficiency and reduced labor and user error across various sectors.

The new technology employs advanced image recognition to read user interface cues on a device. It then uses USB emulation to simulate mouse and keyboard actions, facilitating quick and precise automated decisions. This is particularly transformative for fields that require exact system setups, such as IT, healthcare, aerospace, and the military.

Khalid Elebiary, President of Ziperase, commented, “This new patent is set to change the landscape of industries reliant on quick and accurate decision-making. By reducing the need for manual oversight, we’re improving both the speed and accuracy of operations, aspects that have broad applications in a variety of sectors.”

This patented technology is a cornerstone feature in Ziperase’s commercial product, Device Link. Device Link specializes in automating the complete data deletion and refurbishment process for MacBooks, Chromebooks, and other electronic devices. It requires no specialized training, and its process is designed to comply with industry standards for secure and efficient device refurbishment.

For end-users, the technology not only offers the advantage of secure erasure and refurbishment, it also provides efficient and reliable system management which results in costsavings and faster operations—hallmarks of Ziperase’s commitment to excellence.

About Ziperase

With over 20 years’ experience, Ziperase offers easy-to-install and operate electronic data erasure software solutions and tools for PCs, laptops, servers, individual hard drives, MacBooks, Chromebooks, and gaming consoles.
Ziperase is certified to securely erase data by ADISA, an evidence-based certification body and independent forensic laboratory that provides data sanitization product validation services. Partners include OEMs, data centers, public/private sector, healthcare, and IT recycling and asset disposal sectors.

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