Ziperase Partners with Teron Labs on Common Criteria Certification

Ziperase, a trusted provider of data erasure solutions, recently announced that it will be partnering with Teron Labs to achieve Common Criteria certification.

Common Criteria is an internationally recognized set of guidelines for evaluating the security of information technology products. Achieving Common Criteria certification is a rigorous process that requires companies to demonstrate the security and effectiveness of their products through extensive testing and evaluation.

Ziperase decided to seek Common Criteria certification in order to demonstrate the company’s commitment to the security of its data erasure solutions. By going through the process of obtaining this certification, Ziperase is able to show that its products meet the highest standards of security, and are reliable for use in a variety of environments.

To help them achieve this certification, Ziperase has enlisted the services of Teron Labs, a respected provider of Common Criteria certification services. The process of obtaining Common Criteria certification involves extensive testing and evaluation to ensure that Ziperase’s products meet the necessary security standards.

Teron Labs is an Australian Information Security Facility (AISEF) licensed by the Australian Information Security Program (AISEP). Teron Labs conducts Common Criteria evaluations that are internationally recognized by the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA).

Khalid Elebiary, CEO of Ziperase, said, “We are pleased to partner with Teron Labs for CC certification for our data erasure client. An EAL2 certification not only gives our solutions access to other markets, it is further proof of our confidence in Ziperase’s data sanitization solutions.”

The benefits of this partnership are significant for both Ziperase and its customers. By obtaining Common Criteria certification, Ziperase will be able to expand its customer base and meet the needs of government and enterprise organizations that require this certification. In addition, the certification process will help to ensure the security and effectiveness of Ziperase’s data erasure solutions, which is of utmost importance to the company and its customers.

With CC certification, Ziperase data erasure software will be certified by various Certificate Authorizing Schemes. These certificates are recognized by all CCRA signatories and groups such as SOGIS and EA MLA.

Ziperase is constantly working to build a robust portfolio of certifications. Ziperase’s data erasure is already certified by ADISA and has received ADISA Product Claims Test certification for both solid-state and magnetic media. In addition, Ziperase’s data erasure is NIST -compliant and meets or exceeds NIST SP 800-88 R1 guidelines for media sanitization.