Ziperase’s Erasure Software v3.0

AUSTIN, TX, October 5th, 2023 — Following its previous announcement about pursuing Common Criteria certification, Ziperase, a leading data erasure solutions provider, is pleased to announce that its Drive Erasure Software v3.0 is now ‘in evaluation’ for this international certification with the Australian Information Security Evaluation Program (AISEP).

Common Criteria is a global standard for evaluating the security of IT products.  More than 25 countries participate in the mutual recognition of Common Criteria Certification. Its meticulous certification process reinforces a product’s security, highlighting its efficacy and reliability across different operational settings. Ziperase has partnered with Teron Labs, a reputable Common Criteria certification provider. Teron Labs performs internationally-recognized Common Criteria evaluations under the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA)

Ziperase’s push for the certification reinforces its unwavering commitment to top-tier security within its data erasure solutions. In partnering with Teron Labs, an Australian Information Security Facility (AISEF) licensed by the Australian Information Security Program (AISEP), Ziperase ensures its products meet the highest security standards..

Highlighting the latest advancements, Khalid Elibiary, President of Ziperase, remarked, “As we move forward in our journey toward securing the Common Criteria certification, we remain dedicated to proving the unparalleled security measures of Ziperase’s data sanitization solutions. Achieving an EAL2 assurance level not only widens our reach into over 25 other countries but it also fortifies the trust our users place in our products.”

The Ziperase Drive Erasure Software v3.0 embodies an expansive array of erasure standards tailored for diverse drive technologies.  Distributed as an ISO file, it includes an operating system, an intuitive GUI, connectivity tools, and a full suite of erasure algorithms and management features.

Ziperase, already ADISA-certified, NIST-compliant, remains committed to expanding its security certifications, building further trust for its customers. 

For businesses seeking Common Criteria-certified solutions, Ziperase’s prospective certification means greater access to their advanced data erasure products, reflecting the company’s core principles of security and efficiency.

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Ziperase is certified to securely erase data by ADISA, an evidence-based certification body and independent forensic laboratory that provides data sanitization product validation services. Partners include OEMs, data centers, public/private sector, healthcare, and IT recycling and asset disposal sectors.

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